Wednesday April 25, 2018

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Version: 1.5
Size: 1.32 MB
Published: 10/05/08

"The Skinnable Skin"

powered with D.U.I. (Dynamic User Interface)

2 main features:
kameleon faceplate - customizable face plate color/texture with RGB sliders, 20+ background presets and the ability to add your own images as background! now your winamp will always match your desktop.
D.U.I. - my latest winamp innovation. Attach and detach components into and from the main player. Attach up to 4 components at a time. use it with multiple interface or with single interface or in the middle of both!

v1.5 (10/05/08): More and MORE features!
v1.1 (06/26/06): Bug fixes
v1.0 (06/18/06): Kameleon Homepage, 4 LCD Modes, Bug fixes

notes: volume knob design was based on my awesome Pioneer DEH-P8MP
Winamp 5.54+ required.
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