Thursday March 22, 2018

Welcome to my Winamp Skinning Section. I started skinning because I couldnt find a single Winamp Skin that has everything I needed in a media player. That's why Wood Chrome Finish was created. It was suppose to be the first and last but it was fun. I ended up creating more! So here they are, hope you all enjoy it!

Version: 1.0
Size: 1.27 MB
Published: 04/18/09

Komodo is here! You Have Total control of the look!
Choose Backgrounds, Edit Buttons easily.

First of a kind in Winamp with Covershow Album Playlist.

This Fullscreen is perfect for Home, Office, or Play!
Best Uses in Cars, Netbooks, Laptops. for Touchscreens tablet PC's and UMPC 'S Please check us out!
Join the Forum, make Backgrounds, all you need is one of your works resized or cropped 1024x461

To order FULL version or join the forum, visit us at

5-day Trial version: Download @ | Download @

Nitrous Audio
Coded by Leechbite
Design by Quadhelix
Preview 1 Download @ DeviantArt Download

Version: 1.5
Size: 1.32 MB
Published: 10/05/08

"The Skinnable Skin"

powered with D.U.I. (Dynamic User Interface)

2 main features:
kameleon faceplate - customizable face plate color/texture with RGB sliders, 20+ background presets and the ability to add your own images as background! now your winamp will always match your desktop.
D.U.I. - my latest winamp innovation. Attach and detach components into and from the main player. Attach up to 4 components at a time. use it with multiple interface or with single interface or in the middle of both!

v1.5 (10/05/08): More and MORE features!
v1.1 (06/26/06): Bug fixes
v1.0 (06/18/06): Kameleon Homepage, 4 LCD Modes, Bug fixes

notes: volume knob design was based on my awesome Pioneer DEH-P8MP
Winamp 5.54+ required.
Preview 1 Download @ DeviantArt

Version: 1.0
Size: 4.06 KB
Published: 03/19/08

A Winamp ClassicPro skin inspired by the iMac GUI.

classicPro© Copyright SkinConsortium 2008. Download classicPro.
Preview 1 Download @

Version: 1.0
Size: 4.95 KB
Published: 03/19/08

ClassicPro version of the Anunaki skin.

classicPro© Copyright SkinConsortium 2008. Download classicPro.
Preview 1 Download @

Version: 1.0
Size: 116 KB
Published: 8/10/05

the all-xml-maki-no-graphics skin

powered with D.U.I. (Dynamic User Interface)

A challenge was put in the Winamp forums to create a skin using no graphics, all code. The results were very interesting skins and this is my entry. I focused more the coding than on the looks (reason why the design sucks) and ended up coding the DUI script (by far the most complex script i've written) in just 3 weeks! Now deciding to have multiple interface or a single interface is in the hands of the user!
Preview 1 Download

Version: 1.1
Size: 1144 KB
Published: 3/12/05

Anunaki has landed! And it's here to take your computer resources away! :D
Anunaki was inspired by Invicta and all other alien skins out there. It offers countless features including 4 unique modes, smart EQ, stand-alone components, advanced layouts control and most new Winamp 5.0 features.
Preview 1 Download @ DeviantArt

Version: 1.03
Size: 1135 KB
Published: 5/18/04

A skin by QuadHelix and me. QuadHelix (Ralph Barber) did the original design and graphics and I did the coding. The result is a very advanced skin with never-before-seen features like integrated AVS, customizable LCD and buttons color with morph function, AVS screensaver, sleep/wake function, glass textures and more...
Preview 1 Preview 2 Download @

Wood Chrome Finish
Version: 1.2d
Size: 2010 KB
Published: 2/13/04

Updated! Now with more features, too many to list here. :D

My very first skin, but still my favorite! Wood Chrome was design to meet my own needs in a skin. It has some new and amazing features like customizable LCD colors, morphing LCD colors (one of its kind), a killer minimalistic shade mode, wood-chrome to all-chrome switching, stand-alone EQ with quick presets button, and the list goes on and on!!
Preview 1 Download @ DeviantArt

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